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Global Processing

We partner with fishermen and suppliers from around the world, including Peru, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Argentina, Norway, Chile, India, China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Our relationships at ports around the globe allow us to bring you the freshest and most consistent product available. We take important measures to ensure quality, chain of custody and temperature control. When you buy from Imperial Seafoods…you buy with confidence!

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Sustainable Sourcing Commitment

Sustainable sourcing is ensuring fish and seafood is caught or harvested in a way that allows us to continue to provide seafood for generations to come.

At imperial seafoods, we believe that sustainability is a core element of any responsible business, and we are committed to engaging in thoughtful business practices. Much of our seafood is caught in a way that protects the environment and the overall population of many aquatic species.

Sustainability is paramount to our company, and we strive to ensure that seafood is caught and farmed in ways that allow imperial seafoods to continue to provide it for generations to come, we are committed to sourcing products that meet credible sustainability standards where possible. 

For our wild seafood, this means sourcing MSC-certified products. If MSC-certified products are not available, we source seafood that is Ocean Wise Recommended. For our farmed seafood, BAP-certified products are supplied first. If a BAP-certified products is unavailable, ASC-certified products will be supplied. As of January 2023, 78% of imperial seafood was in line with this commitment and growing. This showed an increase of 18% in total sales from the previous year.


Quality Assurance

Our dedication to quality assurance demonstrates our commitment to product excellence on a consistent basis for both wild and farmed seafood products. At Imperial Seafoods, we utilize experienced and trusted third party inspection firms at all our approved, GFSI certified production facilities.  Imperial seafoods strives to ensure that our strict product specifications are consistently being met and surpassed.

Our Quality Assurance Program

  • Expanded quality inspection and analysis efforts directly at the source

  • Focus on food safety and testing

  • Maintaining our CFIA import license and quality program

  • Building our relationships with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

  • Promoting quality consciousness

  • Building relationships with our supplier partners

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